Anies Beri Semangat Anggota Pramuka, Begini Pesannya

Realitarakyat.com – DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan conveyed a message to members of the Indonesian Praja Muda Karana (Scouts) to always be enthusiastic and full of energy in various activities for the future of Indonesia.

“If you are enthusiastic, you are ready to be full of energy, God willing, Indonesia’s future will be just like you today,” said Anies when he visited the Kwarda Pramuka tent for the DKI Jakarta Province during the National Jamboree (Jamnas) XI 2022 at the Campground and Graha Wisata Pramuka, Cibubur. , Jakarta, Friday (19/8/2022).

The former Minister of Education also expressed his appreciation to the organizers of Jamboree XI who have successfully held activities and provided good facilities for children, including those from DKI Jakarta.

“We thank you for this activity and DKI certainly supports it because we want this to be an opportunity for our children to grow their competence, skills and character in this place,” he said.

On that occasion, Anies hoped that all Scout members would use this organization to expand their relationship and improve themselves for the future.

“I used to join Scouts, so I know that the average person who is agile and can do any job are those who have joined Scouts. That’s why my message to all, make friends with various regions, reach everyone. Make new acquaintances, make new friends , later the level will rise again,” he said.

Anies admitted that being a Scout member was indeed difficult and he had to face a tiring situation because he had to stand in the hot sun or rain.

But, he continued, everyone must believe that young people who are ready to face the hot sun, and ready to penetrate the heavy rain, and are ready to manage the challenges of time, they will be winners in the future.

“So don’t worry about being forged, maybe the more you forge the better, you are trained today, forged through Scouts so that you become the jewels of Indonesia in the future,” he said. (ndi)